In ancient Greek, the word
IUNX evoked the myth of a motionless hunt, a hunt in its most subtle and most magical form, the ultimate seduction where the only weapon is perfume. IUNX is a universe which is entirely dedicated to perfume, a mix of poetry and modernity, a world which stands apart where aromas are a luxury, a folly, a passion. The perfumes subtly escape from the illuminated testers, from L’Eau Blanche to L’Ether, from L’Eau Ivre to L’Eau qui Pique, waters inspired by a moment, an image, a feeling … Everything is there for the pleasure of smell: to our surprise, we close our eyes, allowing a memory to return, an emotion …


IUNX was born in 2003 from an association between the group Shiseido, Olivia Giacobetti, Fabienne Conte-Sévigné and Francis Giacobetti. The brand was returned to its creators in 2006 and continued on its route, an invitee at the hotel Costes. Today, the creation of this new venue, located at 13 rue de Tournon in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, fully expresses the freedom of this personal reflection, turning a new page in the history of the brand. The atmosphere and the fragrances form a coherent whole, emphasizing IUNX’s world, its simplicity and authenticity.