The know-how and the poetry of IUNX perfumes begin in Grasse. The ingredients of the entire world come together here to be distilled, transformed, into essences, butters or absolutes. In smoking basins: tanks of rose petals, lichens, roots; no sophistication, but century old kitchens, knowledge and skills which have always been and still are artisanal, extracting the best, the heart, the essence. The richness of the perfumes is all there, among four hundred raw materials, which have come from sixty different countries. Olivia Giacobetti selects the natural ingredients to be included in her formula: essence of sandalwood, of papyrus, iris butter and hibiscus seeds, rose absolutes and violet leaves, sacred resins from Somalia but also strange or rustic ingredients: copahu, sesame, artichoke, wheat, blue camomile… IUNX perfumes are produced in Grasse, created and packaged in Paris.