Fabienne CONTE-SEVIGNE and Francis GIACOBETTI created the design and architecture of IUNX, distancing themselves from the traditional codes of perfume. The lines are pure and structured, simplicity of shapes and unity of materials, “shock-proof” materials to protect the glass, steel and altu glass for the “technical” objects. Everything is designed for the pleasure of smell: long sticks of perfumed wax for the candles, and illuminated, light-sensitive testers whose delicate diffusion makes it possible to discover the perfumes in a different way. As if bending over a flower to smell it, we bring our face close to a white paper corolla which lights up and frees the perfume. These olfactory testers, designed as soon as the brand was created, have become the visual signature of IUNX. The sobriety of the architecture creates refined spaces which are entirely dedicated to perfume.