All the Christmas spices and a vanilla pod infused in strong alcohol.

ARBRE À PLUIE / Rain tree
A monsoon rain, driftwood bathing in water.

CAJOU / Cashew
The soft smoke of toasted cashew nuts.

CANNE A SUCRE / Sugar cane
Freshly cut sugar cane.

CRAMOISI / Crimson
A crimson earth, the burning perfume of dried plants and wood.

DATTE / Date
A fresh date, sweet as golden honey.

FRANGIPANIER BLANC / White frangipani
The delicacy of the frangipani’s white flower.


FUSAIN / Spindle tree
The magic of a spindle wood fire.

The aroma of precious balms, spices and gum arabic.

The delicacy of pure talc, soft and light as a feather.

MAGNOLIA BLANC / White magnolia
The flower on the tree, a white flower full of water, fresh as lemon zest.

MANGUIER / Mango tree
The most exotic tree in India. Mango wood and the sweetness of fresh mango pulp.

MÉLÈZE / Larch
The warmth of larch wood, a dry and golden wood.

In the middle of the summer, fresh, barely dried hay.

The scent of dried papyrus leaves, hardly smoked.

PIN PARASOL / Umbrella pine
Down in the South, all the heat of sun-heated pine needles.

PULPE / Pulp
Mandarin pulp flambéed with rum and spices.

VAPEUR / Steam
A haze of white cotton.

SUREAU NOIR / Black elder
A green and wild mess of brambles, lderberries and flowers.

MUGUET APRES LA PLUIE / Lily of the valley after the rain
Limited Edition.

Inspired by the unique and delicate fragrance of the black Pu-erh tea grown on the southern highlands of China.

BOIS D'ALASKA / Alaskan wood
Yellow cedar from the Far North, the scent of raw and moist timber.


The intensity of a type of material, of earth, of a place, or a detail. Everything becomes refined, sun-dried hay, the dry wood of the larch tree, a basket of dates, a Christmas fire…

Candles, 215 gr,